Will eating kale help fight breast cancer?

Not necessarily. There are no specific dietary factors known to prevent breast cancer. However kale and many other vegetables contain tremendous amounts of trace vitamins and other nutrients including anti-oxidants, which may help reduce the risk of developing a cancer. In general a low-fat, plant-based diet is healthier and can be considered preventative for many chronic diseases as well as cancer.
Eat healthy. Being healthy and maintaining an ideal body weight will help to reduce your risks but not eliminate them. I am not aware of kale having any special properties fighting breast cancer.
Prevent or treat? Agree with dr. Attiai. Lifelong intake of low fat diet, high in fruit, vegetable intake may be associated with decreased risk for a number of cancers. Missed that boat and trying play catchup? Couldn't hurt, may not specifically impact on risk for getting recurrence or preventing new tumor, but has other benefits to recommend it. Diet is a factor, but not a magic bullet unfortunately.

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Why do doctors after giving the pellets for testoterone, give a small pill that women use for breast cancer, saying to fight the oestrogen, from testo?

To prevent man boob. To prevent man gynecomastia (man boobs). Testosterone and estrogen are almost identical. It takes very little effort for your body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Blocking the conversion of testosterone can help prevent gynecomastia. Not every patient will need that pill. Your doctor will probably want to check your hormone levels.
Metabolism pathway. Testosterone can be metabolised to Estradiol by the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase inhibitor will inhibit aromatase enzyme and as the result will prevent the conversion to estrodiol which is female hormone. That also will enhance potency of the testosterone.

How can I fight chemotherapy induced nausea during breast cancer treatment?

Medication. Begin with basic nausea medicines such as Compazine or phenergan, (promethazine) if not improved then more expensive medications such as Zofran or others. It also helps if patients avoid smells or foods that seem to trigger the symptom. Sometimes even perfumes and non food smells may be an issue and you can avoid them if suspected. Foods like crackers, 7-up, ginger ale or ginger root can help.
Stay hydrated. Eat ginger chew gum and have your md supply you with one or more rxs & do these things before symptoms develop (you'll learn to predict).
Speak to you doc. Speak to your treating oncologist, they can prescribe different medications to help with the nausea.

My best friend is fighting stage IV breast cancer an how the cancer spread through her brain and lungs and lymph node, what are her chances?

5 year survival Rate. According to the american cancer society the 5 year relative survival rate for stage IV breast cancer is 22%.
Not great. Once cancer reaches the brain, survival is diminished. But there are long term survivors that have brain metastasis. The best thing that you can do is provide hope and support for her. Hope this helps.

My WBC is 1.6. My spleen is ok and breast cancer runs in my family. I do daycare and have been able to fight off illnesses. What does this mean? I

Low wbc count. Various reasons brings it down such as viral illness, bone marrrow diseases, autoimmune illnesses, some kind of medications etc. See a hematologist.

Mom was at stage 4 breast cancer, done w chemo and double mastectomy, healing for radiation. Natural supplements that will fight or stop/slow spread?

Unknown. Good question, but answer is not clear as far as I know. Consider a multivitamin and/or calcium + vitamin d supplement with a healthy diet. Would avoid any types of hormonal supplements and strongly recommend she discontinue smoking. During radiotherapy, avoid high dose/potency antioxidants.
Healthy eating/exerc. Natural supplements that I would recommend are the daily and ample use plant based foods instead of animal based foods (fats and meats). Encourage her to eat veggies and fruits with each meal...These together should constutute half of her plate of food...This is a good guideline. Daily exercise in the form of walking is also important. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes, on at least on 5 days a week.
Unclear. There is little data to support the use of supplements in treating cancer.

What food should a breast cancer patient avoid eating?

Food to avoid. No food is associated with exacerbating breast cancer. Enjoy what ever you want but in moderation of course.