My 5 year old son suffered a 4 1/2 inch long skull fracture @ 14 mts when some1 pulled a cart out from under him. He now has head tics, is it related?

Probably not . This is a common age to develop tics. While there are a number of known causes of tics, head injury is not one. Roughly a quarter of the population will experience a tic at some point (some say more than a quarter). Given how often tics occur in the population, it would be difficult to say that the head injury was the cause.
I doubt it. The tic issue is likely short circuiting nerves that can happen transiently (<6m-1yr) or chronicly. Some seem to be geneticly influenced and some may after a prior infectious process like a cold or sore throat. The external trauma to the skull is unlikely to have had any influence on such an issue years later. Your physician can evaluate the tics and give you guidence.
Yes. Yes - these are interference fields. It is beyond the scope of western medical practice and treatment would not be covered by insurance. Western medicine only treats critical issuses. If you want to reset these - you need to be proactive and learn about qra practitioner in your area.
Possibly. tics can develop tics or involuntary motor movements as a result of the mild traumatic brain inury. There are medications that can help manage the tics. Consult a neurologist for help.