After 2 mi's, 8 cath's, 6 stents and 2 angioplasty's in the past 2 years, should I be planning on bypass surgery in the near future?

Not necessarily. Time to change your diet. Read "prevent and reverse heart disease" by dr caldwell esselstyn. There is good evidence that a whole foods, plant based diet, that is low in fat can prevent and reverse coronary artery disease. It is a 'do no harm' intervention that could change your metabolism and propensity to develop atherosclerotic changes in your vessels.
It is possible. It all depends on how you continue to do with the stents and how your disease progresses. Assuming you do everything right, meds, lifestyle changes, you may avoid surgery all along. If your disease continues to progress you may end up needing bypass surgery. Your cardiologist will help you decide on the best option and timing.
No. You need to lower your cholesterol an consider a plant based diet. Go to cnn.Com and look up the last heart attack.
You can't tell. There is no way to know for sure, but it is one of many possibilities.
Yes. Hopefully what you have already had done will last for a while longer but ultimately it sounds likely you will have surgery. The good news is this should be durable for you.