My mother has a brain tumor but is not fatal. Will I get in too in the future?

Likely no. Most primary brain tumors are not hereditary. However, some cancers which spread to the brain are hereditary. There's not enough detail in your question to determine which type of tumor your mother has and subsequently your risk.
Depends. This depends on the type of tumor. About 5% of brain tumors are hereditary. These are usually associated with certain medical syndromes. See this link for additional info: http://www.Cancer.Net/cancer-types/brain-tumor/risk-factors.
Benign not inherited. Sounds as of she has had a meningioma or a neuroma or a schwannoma. These are benign and therefore nonfatal brain tumors. These are unlikely to be inherited unless you have one if a few rare inherited syndromes which has a lot of other major problems associated with it, such that you would already know if u had. More information would b helpful to give u a more specific answer.