I have had chronic neck pain for about a year. If I lay or sit wrong, I get pain in my upper arm and I get tingling in my wrist and thumb?

Pinched nerve? It sounds like you might have a pinched nerve in your neck. I would suggest finding a local do for some omm. Osteopathic manipulation can be very effective in treating symptoms such as you are describing. You will likely also need an x-ray to make sure there isn't something more ominous happening. If the symptoms persist, see you physician for a complete neurological workup.
Refer to answer. This is usually due to disc herniation form your neck. You can try over the door cervical traction with 10 lbs of water for 10 minutes once or twice a day. Also avoid over 10 lbs push pull, and lift. Avoid looking up. Also take magnesium of 250 mg per day. If problem persists beyond two weeks, refer to your physician for work up, xray and mri.
Herniation. When you have symptoms involving nerves like tingling it is strongly suggestive of herniation you may need MRI to confirm see your doctor who can order this for you.

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Mild neck pain, moderate wrist and arm pain, random twitching in thumb, pointer, middle, and ring fingers.?

See a neurologist. You may have 2 problems not one. Check EMG-NCS for median nerve issue at the wrist and neck problem. Brachilal plexus pathology can do this but is quite uncommon. Focal seizures can cause random jerking of fingers but usually it does not re-occur in an isolated peripheral nerve distribution (thumb, index, middle finger and the inside 1/2 of the ring finger). EMG can be done if symptoms > 2 weeks. . Read more...

Neck pain with arm and hand pain and tingling in left foot...What coul it be?

Pinched nerve. This sounds a lot like a pinched nerve in the neck. The left foot tingling is unusual for a pinched nerve in the neck so it would suggest a different diagnosis or 2 separate unrelated diagnoses. Read more...
Lots of options. Neck pain that is associated with arm and hand pain could be a herniated disc in your neck. Is it one side or both sides? The left foot should not be related. Tingling there could be lumbar disc, sciatic nerve irritation along the nerve or nerve injury from disease like diabetes. Brain conditions that could cause all 3 issues are rare. Read more...