I have all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but it didn't show up on the mri, could I still have ms? What else could it be? I'm negative for lupus

Lots of things. Ruling MS in or out is much easier than it used to be, but it still requires training, skill & expertise that you'll never get from "Doctor Google." It isn't just laypeople who lack the knowledge & experience to distinguish MS from conditions that superficially resemble MS but aren't; the average US nonneurologist physician isn't confident of his/her ability to do so either.
MS. Another exam which you didn't mention is a spinal tap looking for "oligoclonal bands." if this hasn't been done, it would be the next logical step even without MRI findings.
Unlikely to be MS. Symptoms of neurological or emotional problems can be very nonspecific, and may be secondary to a host of other causes, rather than MS. Best approach is to see a primary care doctor, get a thorough physical exam with appropriate testing, and uncover the source of your impairments. This may be a simple issue to reverse.
Spinal tap results. Spinal tap is definitive in about 90 per cent of cases especially if ms is located in the spinal cord and not in the brain.