What is the outlook for a person diagnosed at 21 with ventricular septal defect with symptoms (just below80% lung function, neasua, faintness, rapid hr)?

Depends on VSD size. The prognosis for a 21 year old diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (vsd) depends upon the size of the defect. With a large vsd, there is a greater likelihood that the defect has produced elevated pulmonary artery pressures and vascular resistance that may not be reversible. If the vsd is small, however, the pulmonary artery pressures are likely normal with a good longterm prognosis.
Depends on situation. The outcome for a vsd depends on many variables. Small vsd's can be closed using a double mushroom device inserted through a catheter while a large one might need an open approach. The basic health of the patient, support system and availability of specialist care all play into the outcome. It my community hospital (city of 200k) they fix these every week. ?On your location in the uk.

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What is the outlook for a ventricular septal defect diagnosed at age 21 with symptoms (just below 80%lung function, nausea, faintness, rapid hrt)?

VSD. The prognosis depends on on the state of the heart muscle and the pulmonary vasculature among other things. That data is not here so answering is difficult. Should discuss with your c, radiologist.St who may have the data. Read more...
See a cardiologist. A large vsd can be serious if diagnosed late due to long standing extra blood flow to the lungs. Smaller defects can be less problematic. That you have symptoms that might be related indicates you need further evaluation. Read more...