Is it possible to need surgery for a 4 month old ankle sprain? It still hurts and pops a lot. Had X-ray 3 weeks after it only showed lateral swelling.

It is possible. Clinical exam and possible MRI should give information to make a decision for the doc on the need for surgical intervention.
It's possible. Depends if you tore a ligament. Get an MRI and if its a rupture then that's the reason it's still painful.
Hard to say. You need to have more tests to determine why you still have pain especially of no fractures are noted in the x rays. You can begin by getting an MRI to evaluate ligaments, tendons, and osteochondral damage. Popping can be due to swelling or ankle instability. See foot specialist or ortho for assistance.
Ankle surgery. There are many reasons for pain and swelling 4 months after an ankle sprain, including damage to the ligament (most commonly the atfl), damage to the peroneal tendons, or an osteochondral defect of the talus (ocd of talus). An MRI is the easiest way to tell if any of these pathologies are present. They may or may not require surgical intervention.
Yes. Yes, but first you need to get an MRI to assess which ligaments are involved. This is used in a combination of the physical exam and a determination of which lateral ankle stabilization surgical procedure will be utilized (example brodstrom).
Possible. If you have persistent ankle pain after 4 months, it is possible you could have more damage than just a sprain. Other possibilities include a tendon tear, cartilage damage to the joint, or even a loose piece of bone floating inside the joint. The best test would probably be an MRI at this point.
Yes possible. Locking and clicking are signs of soft tissue or cartilaginous damage. This needs to be evaluated and treated by a specialist to possibly prevent future complications.
Yes. Certainly the vast majority of people who sprain their ankles do well without surgery. Some people will even have what is known as a high ankle sprain and this can sometimes have an extended recovery, but can still do well without surgery. But there are cases where ligaments can be torn in an ankle sprain and not heal correctly and this can require surgery. Thank you for your question.

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Is it possible for a 4 month old ankle sprain to need surgery. At the 3 week point had an X-ray but only showed lateral swelling. Still hurts and pops?

Ankle sprain. Recommend you get an mri. You may have ligament tears that have not healed or joint surface damage that did not show on the x-ray. Read more...
Have it evaluated. Possible cause of your pain may include sprain, bursitis, fracture, contusion, neuritis, but of course there are a multitude of other possibilities. Get the feet inspected by a professional to determine the cause of the problem, as treatment varies depending on the diagnosis. Popping may be due to instability of the joint or bordering soft tissues. Read more...