What are some signs of mild autism?

See below. Mild autism is characterized by persistent abnormalities in social interactions, restricted & highly focused interests, and restricted repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. There's often limited ability to have spontaneous social interactions and a failure to develop friendships. There may be delays in other developmental areas as well.
Autism. Poor eye contact, not pointing, prefer play alone, not responding with happy emotion. These are just a few. Having one or a couple of these signs doesn't mean you have autism . Talk to your child's doctor if you have concerns.
None really mild. A problem in reciprocal social interactions that harmfully impacts functioning @ work & home. Poor conversational skills; monitone speech. Trouble understanding that (not why) other people may not think what you think, feel how you feel, or want to do what you want, because of lack of theory of mind. Not knowing what to do to make others think better of you. May have anxiety/depression, adhd.