What r the symptoms, tests, & treatments for autoimmune urticaria? Is it different from chronic urticaria?

Not necessarily. Chronic urticaria ilasts longer than 6 weeks, and most of those are of unknown cause, chronic idiopathic urticaria (ciu). Part of ciu is due to autoimmunity. However, the tests for autoimmune urticaria may not be sspecific. Autoimmune urticaria may not respond to antihistamines alone. Such patients may require leukotriene antagonists, prednisone, dapsone, Cyclosporine and even ivig.
Urticaria. Hives are treated the same way no matter what. If urticaria is accompanied but an autoimmune disease, the latter's treatment may improve the urticaria.

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My wife shows every symptom for chronic urticaria but the auto-immune test came back negative. Is it possible it's a false negative?

Hives. Hives becomes chronic when it lasts for greater than 6 weeks. The most common cause is idiopathic- cause unknown. If the hives lasts less than 24 hrs in one given spot it is unlikely to have an autoimmune cause. See an allergist to help find the best combination of medications to control the hives. Read more...