The right side of my throat is sore. It hurts every time I swallow, I also have a fever and headaches near my occipital?

Checkup. When your throat hurts just on one side, it can sometimes be a sign of a peritonsillar abscess. If you are having fever, chills, difficulty opening your mouth, and a muffled voice you should seek immediate medical attention.
Need to be seen. There are a number of possible causes for a sore throat. Pain and/or difficulty swallowing along with fever would suggest an infection from some source. You should be seen by your dentist or physician to determine the cause of your symptoms and have the appropriate treatment initiated.

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I've had mild headaches, very sore throat like to the point I can barely swallow salvia, food or drink. I took a flashlight and looked and seen 1 white dot on each side below my tonsils. I have mucus coming up but it hurts to cough. I also have fevers

See a doctor. You are sick and need to be evaluated and get treatment. It sounds like it's worse than the usual cold virus. It could be strep throat or mono. There are quick tests for both. You need to drink a lot of fluids, so if you cannot swallow, you may become dehydrated and need some IV fluids. See someone today. Read more...