Are there other 18 year olds who deal with sleep apnea, major stress, high blood pressure, low testosterone, and more? I'm so scared for my future

Yes. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common, particularly as obesity becomes more common in your population. I'm going to assume that you're very overweight and you need to consult your doctor for all of these problems - and lose weight.
Yes there are. Hope u have good internist, are on c-pap, on strict weight reduction diet if overweight, low salt diet, antihypertensive, possibly anti-anxiety medication, in counselling & getting lots of exercise. Also trainer at a health club might be a good idea! good luck.

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Can I still get big muscles with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and low testosterone? I am 18. And male.

Big muscles? Seek medical help to treat your sleep apnea and control your blood pressure. High blood pressure can be made worse by sleep apnea. Once all your medical conditions are stabilized and you are cleared for exercise by your physician, you can go ahead with muscle building exercises. Read more...

Can I still get massive muscles with low testosterone and sleep apnea? I am 18 years old. I used to have huge muscle mass but now I feel weak and fat

See a physician firs. I understand your interest in gaining muscle mass and get fit, but more important is to make sure your overall health is good before engaging in a routine of exercise and nutrition. Your "low" testosterone and weakness (and even obesity) are of disorderes physician can help you control. Good luck. Read more...