What are signs of child abuse in infants if have facial bruising only?

A good history. Sometimes these cases are picked up by an astute doctor when a child is brought into a local ed/er for an evaluation; and child protective services is called in as abuse is suspected. If you know of a child that you suspect is being abused it is your moral duty to inform the appropriate authorities! that is how kids end up getting saved! best of luck!
Hx inconsistant. Facial brusing from a fall occurs over bony prominances. Skull/chin/cheek bone/brow. Inflicted bruises often appear over cheeks/ears-left side for rt handed abuser & rt for leftie.Fingers of a slap oft leave curious lines between bruises oft seen over ears.Any bruising inconsistant with the given hx is worth a call to cps.Abuser can be a baby sitter or chance encounter so parents may not know how.