How do I get rid of acne and scaring?

Time... For starters go and see a good dermatologist; he/she will put you on a good skin regimen(i like tea tree scrubs and oatmeal soaps for starters) and you'll need to know what type of skin you actually have. Then all you have to do is wait; which may be the hardest part. If you have already scarred this may be more problematic; but there are certain medicines and treatments to address this too :).
Acne. Don't wash your face with body soap. Also don't use alcohol or comedogenic products on your face. Try to find an acne wash system like neutrogena, pangea organics, or something with benzoyl peroxide. Following low sodium diet might help too, since acne-causing bacteria like salt. You can try to prevent spreading bacteria onto your face by not touching your face, washing your phone, etc.

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How do I get rid of acne scaring on my face and back? Is there a way to get rid of them fast?

No easy answers. I hope your acne is now under control. Removing the scars -- if that is your wish, and you have a choice -- can't be accomplished except by a specialist dermatologist, who can offer you several options. I'm sorry you got the scars in the first place, and i wish you luck. Read more...
Acne scarring. Raised scars may be treated with small injections of intralesional corticosteroids. It is important to treat any active breakouts to avoid further scarring. See a dermatologist. Read more...