I get really bad headaches, had MRI done with no result... Pcp thinks im drug seeking as I do have a history don't know where else to turn for answers?

Another headache. A description of the type of pain the headache provides would help. Any family history of headaches - and the types and responses to treatment. Associated medical/neurological symptoms could provide clues as to an underlying illness responsible. A fever, elevated white blood cell count, and a stiff neck suggest meningitis. Suffered head or neck injury recently or in the past? Medicine withdrawal?
Headaches. This is a common problem as there are many causes for headaches and the true reason for the headaches may be difficult to find. Consider seeing a headache specialist for a diagnostic workup e.g. A neurologist. Meanwhile keep a journal of what you eat, when you get headaches, the character of the headaches, where you are when headaches start etc. Show to your doctor.