Are there any good herbal remedies you'd suggest for pcos?

Not really. Pcos is a complex disorder involving Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), hyperandrogenism (too much male-type hormones like testosterone) and changes in the ovaries. There are no well-proven herbal remedies, although i only searched studies reported in english. Women with pcos have more thyroid problems, but this has not been linked to lack of iodine - a mineral not a herbal unless seaweed counts.
Insulin resistance. Pcos is frequently associated with, and perhaps in part caused by Insulin resistance, a pre-diabetic condition. Treating this can help to reverse pcos. Exercise and healthy diet are the cornerstones of treating Insulin resistance. There are some herbs that can be helpful too - cinnamon, gymnema, bitter melon, for example. Other supplements to consider are Alpha lipoic acid and chromium.
Lack of Iodine. Lack of iodine causes polycystic ovaries - so take 13.8mg of iodine available as iodizyme with biotics and also nac to clear chemicals from liver that aggrates this issue.