Will the hCG diet mess up fertiliry?

It could. Hcg is a hormone normally found in high levels during pregnancy. Injections of this hormone, when not pregnant, can throw a wrench into the normal hormonal functioning and interfere with fertility. Furthermore, the diet works as a starvation diet, and that's not healthy and is potentially extremely dangerous.
Stop HCG Diet. Hcg is a hormone similar to lh. Hcg stimulates the ovary and can affect your cycles in ways that are bad for fertility. The affect HCG has on your cycle will depend on how much you ingest. However, the menstrual cycle is sensitive to these hormones and you may not know if there is an effect until you cannot become pregnant or your cycles become irregular. There are other effective diets.
Yes. Hcg diet is a starvation diet, one of many unhealthy starvation diets. Hcg stimulates male hormone production in the ovary that decreases egg development. In the doses used, may or may not have effect on fertility. The starvation is the bigger factor. Nature does not want starving women to become pregnant, so the brain decreases ovarian stim. Very low carb is best for fertility and wt loss.

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Can taking hCG diet drops affect fertility at all?

Maybe. It is not a good idea to be taking the HCG diet while trying. Hcg may affect your cycles. However, the weight loss from the diet may actually enhance your fertility if you are overweight. Read more...
Drops worthless. Drops are worthless. You need a qualified physician to administer correctly the injection HCG and the original 500 calorie diet with strict adherence. The diet only works on abnormal fat and once you rid yourself of abnormal fat you will not lose any more weight on the HCG diet. Weightloss will actually improve fertility. Read more...