How can I stop nasal drip?

Depends. Nasal drip can be from many causes. Allergies are high on the list. Some get this with cold weather. Some get it with a cold. Some a condition called vaso-motor rhinitis. See your pcp or allergist and get checked. Antihistamines may help. Certain nasal sprays (atrovent) may help. Nasal steroids may help. You may need immunotherapy (allergy shots). Avoid the cold.
Nasal drip. Depends on the cause. It can be due to several conditions e.g. Allergy or irritation. See your doctor to determine the cause and advise you on proper treatment.

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How can I stop post-nasal drip? I have continual drainage down the back of my throat which causes me to cough. How can I get it to stop? No cold or anything. Good health otherwise. If it wouldn't drain I wouldn't cough. Worse at night as it feels lik

When . When the internal nasal lining is irritated it can create more mucous than normal. This can then lead to a chronic runny nose or post nasal drip. A nasal examination by an otolaryngologist can help determine what may be going on inside your nose. Allergy testing can also be helpful in some cases. Anti-allergy pills (prescription or over the counter), anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine nasal sprays (prescription), or salt water lavage are all possible treatments that can help with your problem. Sometimes, a chronic sinus infection can cause chronic posterior nasal drainage. If there is a concern for this based on your examination additional treatment or sinus ct scanning may be recommended. Read more...
Post . Post nasal drip can occur when one has excess drainage or if the natural drainage changes in properties. Irritants and allergens may cause it. It is best to see an ENT (otolaryngologist) who can examine the nose completely. Often rinsing the nose with saline using a squeeze bottle is advised and prescription nasal sprays are used with good success rates. Sometimes allergy testing is a good idea in order to identify hidden allergies. Read more...