What is spironolact?

A useful diuretic. A diuretic, meaning a drug which increases urine production and eliminates excess water. It is an important medication in the treatment of heart failure. The medication can increase your blood potassium levels which has to be monitored closely. Also your doctor may decrease or stop the potassium pills when starting spironolactone.
Diuretic. Spironolactone (aldactone (spironolactone)) is a diuretic that has a variety of uses. Heart failure, cirrhosis and ven some hormonal problems are sometimes treated with aldactone (spironolactone).

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What is spironolact used for and what is the said afate?

Most common... Mos common uses for spironolactone are: blood pressure control, congestive heart failure, liver congestion due to cirrhosis, hirsutism( dark hairs on unusual areas), edema(swelling). Common side effects:high potassium an other electrolytes imbalances, dizziness, allergic reaction, itchiness, cardiac arrhythmias, rash, itching, gastritis,low platelets and other blood cell changes. Read more...