Painless throat swelling w/ diff. Swallowing w/hard swollen painless lymph nodes at multiple sites, airway feels obstructed. Other symptoms incl. Dry eyes+pain+photophobia, dry mouth, joint pain. Help?

See a doctor asap. You need to see a doctor today for aide thorough history and exam.
GO TO DOCTOR. Go see a doctor immediately. Now. Airway obstruction of any kind is bad and serious, and the cause needs to be diagnosed and treated asap. If you can't breathe, you die. Add in all the other symptoms and it is only that much more serious. Do not waste your time on the internet. Go see a doctor!
See an oral surgeon. It sounds like you may have an autoimmune disease called sjogrens. This causes dry eyes, dry mouth and arthritis. An oral & maxillofacial surgeon should be able to diagnose this, or if it is something else get you on the right track for treatment.