How and where can I give myself a 2ml shot of vitamin b12?

Hard to say. Though a vitamin, the injectable form of b-12 usually requires a prescription. Unless one has a significant case of pernicious anemia, some type of bowel problem or bowel surgery and a few other instances, b-12 by injection can be sujpplanted by oral or sublingual b-12. You should know your b-12 level if you are concerned and be careful. You can mask other problems.

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I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Can they give me a shot every month now?

Absolutely. B12 in the form of methyl cobalamin is necessary for numerous biochemical pathways. It can prevent psychoses, nerve tissue degeneration and megaloblastic anemia. Methyl B12 can be given safely at doses up to 3mg intramuscularly and can be given weekly in those patients who cannot absorb it through the GI tract. There are no known side-effects of having to much. Read more...

Problem concerning vitamin B12 deficiency. They wont give me shot without lab proof?

Why? I give B12 shots without measuring levels. There can never be too much vitamin B12 for the body. I don't agree with the decision to measure your levels. After all, the 5 hour energy drink is loaded with B12 and no one measures their levles before drinking it. Read more...