Help! High Bilirubin TotalProtein 7.5g/dL Albumin4.7g/dL Globulin2.8g/dL A/G Ratio1.7 Bilirubin, total 2.1 mg/dL AlkalinePhosphatase 122U/L SGPT/ALT 27U/L SGOT/AST 29U/L?

Need Imaging . You need blood work and ultrasound or ct of the abdomen (liver, gallbladder and pancreas) to evaluate for hepatitis, among other things. See you doctor for examination and referral.
No reason to panic. The only lab that is really out of range and it is only mildly elevated is the bilirubin. The fact that the other associated liver and gallbladder markers are normal make it less likely that this number is significant. There are some genetic disorders having to do with bilirubin that will cause patients to always have this valute elevated with no real significance. Speak with your doctor.