Can abdomen bloating cause pain on incision from open hernia repair 7 weeks post-op?

Maybe. It could the the bloating is the cause of pain that it felt at the incision site, or is stretching the incision sight slightly and causing pain. Neither case should cause severe pain. If it is severe or progressive, or you think something is "not right", call your surgeon for an exam to check it out.
Pain. Yes it can. Depends what kind of hernia you had, may need to follow up with your doctor to make sure there is no recurrence.

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Why do I have bloating & gas, when eating carbs, after 2 months post op for 3 rd hernia repair?

Nonspecific. Your symptoms are not specific for any one diagnosis, and may not be related to your hernia repair, unless it was a hiatal hernia repair. Check with your doctor to find out more. Read more...

What would cause pinching 4 weeks post- op with a laproscopic ventural hernia repair. Not where the mesh is, but at one of the incision sites?

Fixture device. This is likely a suture underneath which is used to tack the edge of the mesh in place. Or, it could actually be a small metal coiled "tack" that is used to hold the mesh to the abdominal wall. It should resolve and get better with time. Some tacks nowadays are even "absorbable, " but take some time to dissovle. Read more...