Is hirschsprung disease dangerous to an infant?

Can be. Hirschsprung disease has occasionally gone un-diagnosed for a period of time & some kids have developed a severe enterocolitis & died during the illness. With diagnosis, monitoring& treatment a kid can have a realatively normal life.
Yes. It is usually detected within a few days of birth. It involves disfunction of the large intestine/rectum/anus because the nerves serving those areas don't form properly, so it acts like an obstruction and the babies don't poop. It is a problem that requires surgical intervention. It can be mild, involving only the rectum and anus, or severe, going much farther up.
Yes. Hirschsprung's disease occurs when the colon cannot relax and allow passage of stool. This can result in stool back-up, constipation, abdominal distention, and even a severe infection of the colon that can be life threatening.
Sometimes. If not recognized in some infants with long segment disease there can be superimposed enterocolitis and ischemic bowel. Morbidity and mortality increases if propbem not recognized early enough.

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How long does baby stool frequency associated with hirschsprung disease last?

Not sure . Babies with hirschsprung's disease may not be able to have a bowel movement at all. Some may just be constipated or only stool with stimulation of the rectum and anus. There is no fixed frequency of bowel movement. Read more...
Depends. It would depend on timing of definitive corrective surgery, antibiotic usage and resumption of normal diet. Read more...