I was told that some birth control are really the same as Plan B pills where they end a pregnacy and not prevent. A period really equals a miscarriage?

Plan B is not. an abortion pill. Emergency Contraceptive Pills are not as effective as using oral contraceptives correctly every day. Often a period is a period and not a miscarriage. Some oral contraceptives can be used in higher doses as emergency contraceptives.
Not really. Birth control pills prevent ovulation, though pregnancy, but Plan B just make uterine inner lining to shed (bleed) and prevents a fertilized ovum to sit in uterine cavity.

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Took a Plan B pill 3 weeks ago and started birth control 2 weeks ago. When can I expect a period? It's already 2 days late. Got neg pregnancy test. Preg?

Unclear information. On a usual birth control pill treatment, you would get your period after four weeks of starting the pill cycle. To exclude pregnancy, you may wish to repeat the test in 4-5 days, use first morning urine and follow the instructions in the kit carefully. Read more...