What is a normal blood pressure for a female adult?

Blood pressure. Blood pressure is not constant through the day. We generally do not want to have it be over 140 systolic or 90diastolic more than occasionally.
90/60 - 140/85. A normal blood pressure for an adult female should range in the systolic (the upper number) from 90 - 140, and in the diastolic (the lower number) from 60-85. Remember, the best time to take your blood pressure is right when you wake up in the morning, when it is not affected as much by factors such as caffeine or stress. Sometimes blood pressures at your doctor's office can be artificially high.

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What is normal blood pressure for female aged 85 in good health?

It varies. Blood pressure goals vary from one patient to the other depending whether they have heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. recent recommendation for the treatment of hypertension have been more lenient. For patient over the age of 60 without other medical problems, blood pressure medication is initiated once the BP is over 150/90. anything below is acceptable as long as it is not too low. Read more...