I stand on my leg and twist my knee side to side and have extreme pain along the meniscus joint line what could that be?

Torn meniscus. A torn meniscus is usually the result of a twisting injury. Symptoms include pain along the joint, swelling, catching or locking of the knee. An MRI would most likely be the best test to diagnose.
Hard to say. There are many potential causes including a tear in you meniscus, an abnormal meniscus such as a discoid meniscus, an abnormal plica just to name a few possibilities. Usually a detailed exam and possibly an MRI can determine the cause. Thank you for the question.

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I can't bear weight on the knee I have pain along the medial meniscus joint line. Would this suggest a tear of the meniscus? Locking of the knee

See a physician. You should consult an orthopedic physician . You may have torn your meniscus or have a sprain your ligament . Your condition can be diagnosed by detailed physical examination and imaging studies and x-rays and mri. In the meantime you can take some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen or Naproxen if you don't do any peptic ulcer disease or gastritis. Read more...
Possibly yes. Meniscal tear is a likely diagnosis for someone your age with tenderness along the joint line and locking but other diagnoses are possible. A good examination by an orthpaedist may help determine the diagnosis and treatment which may be nonoperative (physical therapy and home exercises and nsaids) or may need further diagnostic studies such as x-ray or MRI and possibly arthroscopy. Read more...