Are overweight babies healthier than thinner babies?

Lots of people... ...Traditionally and for cultural reasons think that a fat baby is a healthy baby. After a great deal of study into both growth and obesity, we now know that this is not true. It is not healthy to be obese at any time in your life, from cradle to grave.
??? Normal weight babies are healthier than underweight babies. Normal weight babies are healthier than overweight babies. If you're asking which kind of unhealthy baby is more unhealthy, i guess it's a toss-up.
No. It is important to teach your baby healthy eating habits from a young age. Studies show babies who are markedly overweight from a young age may have a hard time "slimming down" if they are overfed early on. On the other hand, babies who are severely malnourished are unhealthy as they are not getting good caloric intake for good growth of their brain and internal organs. Neither extreme is good.