What does it mean if I have high nitrates and protein in urine?

Abnormal urine. Under normal conditions, urine contains no nitrates (n). N may be a sign of a uti. You should see a physician have a urine sent off of a culture and, if there are bacteria take a course of antibiotics. Repeat the urine analysis and if you still have protein, you should see a nephrologist for a 24 hour urine collection for creatinine clearance and protein as well as getting some blood work.
Infection? Nitrates mean bacteria in urine. Leukocyte estrase usually is positive if nitrates are and it indicates the presence of white blood cells (pus cells) in urine confirming infection. If leuk est is neg, infection is doubtful bec bacteria may come from skin contamination. Protein could accompany infection in urine, if severe, you need to see a kidney doctor, after you treat the infection first.