I have a loud systolic heart murmur best heard in right intercostal space. I have other heart related symptoms. Wud this indicate a valve or hole issue?

Possibly. A loud heart murmur should be investigated by your physician. It could be a valve problem and an echocardiogram will help to define the issue. The aortic valve is often heard best in the right upper sternal border.
Likely. This murmur could be from a vsd or other congenital problems or an aortic valve stenosis . With symptoms i would recommend an echocardiogram and consultation with a cardiologist.

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Is it stress or my heart hi, I was born with a heart murmur and ever since the 3rd grade I have had palpations. I also had my valves patched and a hole in my heart patched. This past december I had my gallbladder removed. I am also a dibetic. I get so str

This . This is a common question and an important one. We know that stress can have profound effects on the body, including the cardiovascular system. Stress can raise heart rate in people with normal, healthy hearts, and stress can also trigger or exacerbate heart arrhythmias in people who are susceptible to having them. In a similar way, stress can make heart burn worse, it can make nonspecific chest pain worse, and it can make angina (chest pain from coronary artery disease) worse. In other words, stress is an important factor and is likely playing a role, but the important question remains whether or not there is also an underlying cardiovascular problem that requires attention. The safest thing to do is to have a doctor you trust examine you and determine whether you are having arrhythmias or just a benign increase in heart rate. At the same time, you can use your symptoms and other feelings as a guide to how you are coping with the stresses in your life and whether you might need some help with those issues as well. My suggestion is that you not try to do this alone. Some kindhearted help from a skilled healthcare practitioner could make a world of difference and potentially protect you from having something bad happen that could have been avoided. Read more...
See a cardiologist. If you had surgery for a congenital heart defect, you should have a cardiologist. You were born with a septal defect (& some other things). The murmur was just the sound that led to the diagnosis. Many things can happen related to surgery. Without knowing specifics it's hard to say. With your other health issues, you need your cardiologist. Read more...