Related Questions

Can I get pregnant the day after I ovulate?

Yes you can. I will recommend women have intercourse the day of a positive ovulation kit and the following 2 days to maximize their chance to get pregnant since you release your egg 12 to 36 hours after you have a positive lh surge. It is possible to get pregnant the day after you ovulate.
Yes. An egg lasts for about 24 hours. Sperm last for five days.
Maybe. The egg is viable for fertilization for about 12-18 hrs (as seen at ivf retrieval). Most studies show that pregnancy occurs with inter purse up to the day of ovulation but not after. So, timing sex is an important part of getting pg. Track ovulation carefully and if not pregnant see a specialist. Best wishes.

Can I get pregnant the day after ovulation once I see the body temp rise?

Yes. In fact, because sperm can live a few days inside your body, you can get pregnant anytime from a few days before to a few days after ovulation. You don't have to wait for exact day of ovulation in order to try to get pregnant. If you're trying to get pregnant, start taking prenatal vitamins to minimize your risk for neural tube defects eg spina bifida. Otherwise, use protection, preferably 2 forms.
Yes. Yes, the egg may survive and be able to be fertilized for up to 3 days after ovulation.