I always have back pain but now its down my right leg and into my foot?

Refer to answer. Always there is a cause for pain. Most probably you have sciatica secondary to another problem or problems. Do pull ups or just hang from the bar for 10 second each day do not bend.? Need xray+mri. See your doctor to do the following tests CBC diif esr. Ana, ra, crp=quantitative, uric acid, hba1c, tsh, lipids. From the above + complete history and physical one can always can find reasons and treat.

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My right leg has lost most of the muscle and strength. I am unable to flex my foot and I have some back pain. My leg has spasms in it when I lie flat.

See your M.D. Go see your primary doctor right away. You very likely have some neurological problem and need workup for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Lower back hurts. When I stand too long or if I bend back. Pain goes down my left leg to my foot. For about a year now. Cant stand straight?

Back & Leg Pain. Hello. What type of treatment have you had thus far? Any physical therapy, chiropractic, medications? Any stumbles or falls? Any family history of back issues-like spinal stenosis (narrowing around nerves or spinal cord)? X-rays would tell if you have abnormal shift of your spine when you extend it. MRI study would help tell if your discs are involved with irritating nerves in your left leg.
Nerve impingement. Can be caused by nerve being sandwiched between two spinal bones, pressed by a bulging disc. It can cause muscle spasm, back pain and burning pain. This condition must be professionally managed. See an interventional pain management specialist for definitive diagnosis and management. Take care.

Back pain, and pain all along my leg down to my foot when I straighten it in midair. I also have difficulty straightening in midair. Slipped disc?

Could be. You don't provide enough info to know that for sure. 'slipped discs' are uncommon in a 16 year old unless you had a big trauma. Pain is more likely due to muscle and soft tissue tightness. If the pain is severe or debilitating, it's worth seeing a physiatrist or ortho. Mild back and leg pain in a healthy 16 year old isn't worrisome. Worth trying gentle stretching/strengthening.