Is there any cure for atrophy of the brain. In a 39 year old woman I found out 2 years ago and not one dr. Csn give me any answers?

Diagnosis correct?!! True atrophy of the brain at 30 is very unusual, are there any general medical problems?, history of trauma especially in childhood, alcohol or drug problems? If all these are negative, the diagnosis is in doubt. Compare the ct or MRI in a few months, what if any is the clinical problem?
Cure? Of course not. Brain atrophy with increasing age is normal. This doesn't necessarily correspond with how well a brain works. Elderly atrophied brains can work just fine. I assume atrophy was found on an MRI (you left out that little detail). Occasionally, a younger normal person's MRI is read as mildly atrophic by MRI criteria. The MRI is not the patient. YOU are the patient. Find something else to worry about.