For an elderly with dementia, to further avoid aspiration pneumonia should we replace the peg tube for a pej one. Is that an option? Consequences? Thx

Yes it is an option. If she is having aspiration while receiving feedings via a peg tube, conversion to j- tube should diminish aspiration from gastric reflux( assuming there is no obstruction distally in the GI tract). If the aspiration is from swallowing, conversion will not help. If her dementia is profound, it may be helpful to discuss both medical and life goals with her physician or ethics board.
Contact doctor. For a specific question like that it is best to contact the treating physicians.
Quality of life... Sometime a feeding tube is used but with advanced dementia, feeding tube often causes more harm than good. It is not easy, but significant illnesses reduces hunger and so one often does not feel hungry. Use of feeding tube thus equals forced feeding which is not a good thing. Have a family meeting; discuss the wish of the person and respect it. It is not easy. Good luck.

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Mom 86yrs bedridden dementia dysphagia and fed with peg tube. Had a stroke 6years ago. Got mild aspiration pneumonia. On 1liter sats at 91%. Is it bad?

Aspiration. Such patients frequently get aspiration pneumonia. The long term prognosis is not good. The short term is not necessarily terrible but if aspiration is repeating then things get worse. Read more...
Good for 1 liter. A pao2 of 60 mm/hg is 90% spo2 so your moms pao2 is slightly less, probably 2 liters will get her to 92% which is reasonable. Normal pao2 is 75-100mm/hg. To fully saturate the rbc' you need an oxygen tension between 75 and 100% which in your moms case will not be possible. Plus, giving her too much oxygen may decrease her respiratory drive and cause her to become apneic and retain co2. Read more...