Can MRI scan be used instead of CT scan to assess the bronciectasis b4 a possible surgery, ? Or as substitute to CT scan 2 see progress? Had CT scan b4

CT only. It is obvious that you wish to avoid ionizing radiation. However MRI is difficiult in imaging lungs of low density tissue, air-tissue interfaces causing artifacts, and respiratory, cardiac, and vascular motions.These are technicalities without any control. Ct is by far the choice for imaging bronchiectasis.
No. Ct is most accurate exam for assessment of bronchietasis.
No. Mri does not offer the kind of detailed view of bronchiectasis that ct offers. The best solution to follow the disease is ct using the least amount of radiation dose needed to see the anatomy.
CT better for lungs. Without going into mind boggling physics, ct is far superior for imaging the lungs and bronchial tree.