What are all the symptoms related to the pelvic varices? Is there any effective or definitive remedy or treatment for them?

Pelvic or lower ab,, Pelvic or lower abdominal pain. Or no sx at all. The varices, if associated with phlebitis are usually symptomatic, but stretched varicied veins can be symptomatc. Because they are deep, surgery is not very beneficial. The veins can be ablated with veinous cathers, but this is costly. If you have these, do not were tight garments; diminish constipation symptoms, and lose abdominal weight!
Most women will . Present with a noncyclical pain lasting more than 6 months in duration. This pain may be worsened by the following: sitting, standing, at the end of the day, during or after intercourse (dyspareunia), or just before the onset of menses. Other symptoms of pelvic congestion are nonspecific and variable in intensity. Affected women may have generalized lethargy, depression, abdominal or pelvic discom.