What causes slight bulg in back neck (base of skull) extreme pain that shoots through my head into left eye and gives me extreme migraine soon after?

Occipital neuralgia . This maybe related to irritation to nerve behind the head called the occipital nerve. Recommend visiting pcp.
Cluster Headache. Read this first===>http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/cluster_headache. Many sufferers of these so-called "cluster headaches" describe a neck bulge and post ictal soreness like you and a very intense, insufferable migraine-like pain, unilaterally. We don't know what causes cluster headaches, but smoking is often a trigger. The article describes possible treatments.
Seek evaluation. Any atypical growth, bulge or swelling, especially one that causes pain and other symptoms is well worth having evaluated. Start with your primary care doctor but reach out while you are motivated!
Tension and occipita. Neuropathy (impingement of the occipital nerve coming out of a foramen at the back of the skull next to where you feel the bulge) are common causes of the type of headache you're explaining. Icing around the area, neck massage and anti-inflammatories are effective treatments.

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Headache above/behind left eye, and neck pain on left side of base of skull/upperneck for almost 2 months. Ct scan norm. Ana +, scl-70 +.

Obtain brain &cspine. Consider obtaining a brain and cervical spine MRI to evaluate for possible cause coming from the spine or the back of the head.all migraines deserve one Brain MRI and an evaluation of triggers for the Migraines by a neurologist. Read more...

Sharp stabbing pains base of skull at the back presiding horrendous migraine and vertigo. What could cause this? What's at the back of the head?

Occipital nerves. The occipital nerves are located in the back of the skull. It is a common procedure to inject numbing medicine around the occipital nerves to help prevent migraines or to treat prolonged migraines. Read more...