One of my 2 years old child foot finger is very red and swallow I think its from cold floor. How to trite this any madison?

See doctor. A cold floor is an unlikely source of a swollen, red toe. More likely is an infection along the nail edge, possibly from a torn hangnail or toenail being cut too short (ingrown toenail). Warm soaks in epsom salts may ease the pain & swelling temporarily, but go to a doctor in case there is a more serious infection. If the child has stepped on something sharp & punctured the toe, see doc right away.
Also.... Dr. Lewis answer is correct. Also consider a thread wrapped around the toe acting like a tourniquet.This is more of an emergency. Call your doctor.
I doubt it is from a. Cold floor. Coldness usually has the opposite effect of swelling. He may have an infection. Go to the pediatrician or foot doctor (podiatrist).