My big toe hurts bad by joint and I didn't hurt it what could it be?

Gouty arthritis. Most likely gout caused by uric acid build up. Produced from purines - proteins found in red meat, shellfish, wine etc. Could also be degenerative osteoarthritis but less likely at 32. Google a gout diet and follow it.
Great toe pain. Consider gout, arthritis, tendonits, stress fracture, hallux valgus (bunion). Check with your orthoped foot surgeon.

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My big toe hurts at the joint and I cannot bend it, it has been like this for a few months?

Hallux rigidis. These symptoms are most likely seen with arthritis of the great toe mp joint. The degree of arthritis determines the treatment, if severe you may need surgery. If not a pair of stiff shoes with carbon fiber insoles may do the trick! You need to see your physician and get an exam and x-ray to start!
Hallux rigidus. You likely have hallux rigidus, arthritis of the big toe. You may have done something to exacerbate it over the past few months. You don't mention any specific injury. Nsaids and a stuff sole shoe that doesn't bend at the big toe (to act like a splint) may help. Topical pain creams may help too.
Which joint? The joint in the toe (ip joint) or the joint at the base of the toe (mp joint)? In either case I would recommend a visit to the podiatrist for x-rays, clinical exam and a treatment can be offered. The treatments are different pending which joint is indeed bothering you.