My mom has stage 4 oviarian cancer, is a type1 diabetic who was given about 6 months back in april n is still going sttrong y wuld her doctor scare me?

We can't predict . I'm glad your mom is going strong! we oncologists are notoriously bad at predicting how long someone has to live. When i talk to a family member like you, it's usually to prepare you for the worst. I say "prepare for the worst, hope for the best." it was probably hard for your mom's doctor to give you that news, and it was out of concern for you. I'm glad your mom is still with you!
Statistics . Doctors give averages and statistics. They can never exactly for an individual. They should make that clear however. Oncologists should be describing the possibilities. In fact ovarian cancer, though bad if stage 4, can be very sensitive to chemotherapy and help patients live longer. This is why no one can be certain how any one patient can respond. I don't think they were trying to scare you.
Don't know. It is not possible to predict for sure how long one can live with even stage 4 ovarian cancer. The doctor was trying, i think, to give you an honest opinion but should have pointed out that the prognosis varies from patient to patient. Be thankful that she has fooled the dr.'s so far, and don't be too harsh on the doctor for giving you his opinion. That said, you can always get another opinion.