Iam 47 /female had a day of sudden numbness in left arm lasting <5min. 5 hrs later left sd of face. Also have PFO and history migraines (never like this) TIA or migraine? 2 m.D.'s debate dx. Do I close pfo

DIFFICULT CHOICE. If your pfo is closed, technically is not a major procedure, there is a potential of controlling migraine (not fully proven yet), and protection against future paradoxical embolism through the pfo. The timing of your event is far more consistent with a blood clot than a classical migraine event, but gather that no primary source was discovered. Would go to academic center and get opinion.
Tia. I believe it is tia. A neurological evaluation would be helpful.
Family practice. It could be a complexed migraine however something more serious may be going on. It sounds like you have several drs involved. Have you been seen by a neurologist. You should have several studies done. Carotid ultrasound , echocardiogram, and MRI of the brain. Other neurological conditions need to be ruled out as well. Take an Aspirin a day and keep your dr informed what is going on.