Any supplement/weight-loss pills good to help with weight-loss? If so any names?

Alli but... There are many advertisements discussing "weight loss supplements", however be cautious as these supplements or online products cause more harm than good (ie cause liver damage)than actually help with weight loss. Best thing is to eat a well balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water a day and exercise 3-4 times a week. Alli is fda approved but require above.
May help along with. There is absolutely no substitute for diet & exercise in losing weight, but certain herbs may help when combined with diet/exercise. See http://www.Lef.Org/magazine/mag2011/jul2011_shed-pounds-by-inhibiting-cellular-fat-storage_01.Htm, http://www.Lef.Org/news/lefdailynews.Htm?Newsid=13549 & my comment.For advice re: a healthy diet see http://www.Drfuhrman.Com/library/what-is-a-nutritarian-diet.Aspx.