My dr thinks serantonin is causing my headachs why is this?

Serotonin headache. He may be suggesting that serotonin medication could help prevent the headaches? Ssri's - a reuptake inhibitor - have been utilized to prevent headaches. Many of the abortive agents (used to stop migraines with onset) also work on serotonin via a different mechanism of action - serotonin receptor agonists.
Talk to your Dr. Did you have a test that showed a high level of serotonin or 5-hiaa in the urine? This type of condition doen't generally cause headaches but rather flushing, heart palpatations, low blood pressure, diarrhea, shortness of breath or wheezing and abdominal pain. You need to pin him down on why he thinks that is your problem.This condition doesn't generally cause headaches.