Hit in neck 7wks ago mri-chronic cervical spondylosis c56c67 degenerative bony narrowings left sided associated mild left facet arthropathy. Worried?

Common findings. The MRI seems to describe very common degenerative type changes at typical locations in the neck. They are described as chronic, which indicates these are due to wear and tear over time and not likely related to your being hit in the neck. These changes will likely continue to happen over the course of a lifetime and may be a source of pain in your neck and/or arms from time to time.
Cervical spondylosis. From your note you are listed as 37 years of age and that is a bit young to be having these type of degenerative lesions. I would suggest a neurosurgical evaluation to evaluate this further, likely not a surgical problem but you would need some advice on how to deal with these issues.