I have selective antibody deficiency, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, pmdd, high blood pressure, asthma, & gerd. Now I have restless legs. Any ideas?

Multiple symptoms. You can;t separate physical disorders and/or symptoms from lifestyle. However, from your symptom complex, it would not surprise me if there are lifestyle choices you are making that are not supportive of you getting rid of some of these ailments. You are in control more than you think and it is taking a look at what you can change and what you must look to medical science to help you with.
Lifestyle change. Low impact exercise like walking or spinning will lower weight and blood pressure. Lower weight helps fibromyalgia, gerd & restless legs. Less gerd helps control asthma.
Yes. You need to establish with an excellent primary care provider who can coordinate your various ailments by treating the one's he or she is capable and comfortable treating as well as referring you to the appropriate specialists to treat the various in-depth disease you do have. It all starts with a good primary care provider. Accept nothing less!

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