What is the best way to help chrons pain?

Not really. . Crohn's is associated with arthritis. Pain in joints requires drugs to cut inflammation. If you have abdominal pain, then more likely than not, your crohn's is active !
Medication mgt. Crohn's disease can create abdominal pain from many aspects of the bowel and surrounding region. You can have pain from colonic spasms, adhesions, complications of prior treatments or surgery and from the internal lesions themselves. Medication management is usually one of the few options but beware of the constipating effects of narcotics. Anti-spasmotic agents like Baclofen can come in handy.
See a pain Doctor. Your best bet is to see a doctor that specializes in pain if your primary doctor is not comfortable or experienced in its treatment.There are many, many approaches to deal with chronic pain and they have to adjusted to work for you.