Age 16, I hurt my shoulder 2 months ago. Physical therapy and cortisone not helpful. Mri shows rotator cuff tear and bone spur. Should I have surgery?

Shoulder Specialist. I rarely see patients at age 16 that have a rotator cuff tear and don't have other shoulder pathology such as a labrum tear, suprascapular nerve injury or an unstable shoulder. I would recommend you have an evaluation with someone that performs hundreds of shoulder repairs like yours annually. I am also suspicious of the bone spur diagnosis.
Good candidate. Depends on the severity of the tear, but w/ the failed conservative treatment that you describe (pt & injections) i would think that you are a good candidate for surgery. While many options such as pt & injections may help relieve your symptoms, you are likely to have lifelong complications w/ a torn rotator cuff if you do not seek surgical repair. Please consult an ortho. Drmarkgalland.Com.
Possibly. Consult an orthopedic surgeon. A rotator cuff tear may need surgery. If you are not comfortable with your dr's recommendation, seek a second opinion.