Reason menorrhagia caused by fibroids?

Fibroids. Fibroids need blood to grow and so they collect vessels to their surface which can be more likely to break and bleed at the time of your period. Also fibroids prevent the uterus from contracting down and stopping bleeding vessels during your period, leading to greater overall blood loss.
Few causes. If the fibroids are growing inside the lining of the endometrial cavity (called submucosal) they cause irritation of the lining within the uterus, and they have their own, anomalous, blood vessels growing on the fibroid that can cause bleeding. If the fibroids grow in the muscle layer (and are large, or very numerous) they can disrupt the normal blood supply to the lining and cause heavy periods.

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35 y/o female 34 days from my lmp. Usually my cycle is 30+/- 1 days. Neg hpt 2 days ego also I've fibroid which cause menorrhagia. Can I be pregnant?

Small chance. I would repeat the pregnancy test in another week if you still haven't menstruated. If that one is also negative, you may have simply had what we call an anovulatory cycle. Patients with fibroids can still get pregnant, but their chances are probably lower than patients without fibroids, especially if you have experienced menorrhagia. Consult your gynecologist if you continue to be irregular. Read more...