I have frequent sharp sore throat with tastes of blood that comes and goes within hours. I.E. My throat will feel normal after. Is this common?

No, ENT Dr can check. People normally do not have frequent sore throats with the taste of blood. A primary care or an ENT doctor can check for causes. Maybe there is some infection/inflammation in the sinuses that occasionally is oozing some blood. Maybe there is a spot in the throat that is friable (scratches or damages easily such as after swallowing cookies or crackers). Ent doctors can see with a fiber-optic scope.
Blood in throat. You may have a simple nose bleed, but often that does not have pain. A viral ulcer, or worse a cancerous ulcer, may produce pain and have the faste of blood. Other issues are possible and you need to see your physician, or an ent, a specialist in lesions of the nose and throat.