Related Questions

Can you get pregnant a day after ovulation?

Yes. Ovulation means the egg is around for a few days. It is certainly possible to get pregnant a day after ovulation.
Yes. If you had sex 1-3 days before you ovulated there is still a chance of conception. Research shows that sperm can survive up to 72 hours (1-3days)

Can you get pregnant the day after ovulation day? Had sex twice the day after, (fertile day) and came inside me both days. Could I be pregnant?

Possible can't say. Less likely on the day after expected ovulation but not impossible. If you want to be pregnant try a few days earlier, if you don't then stop having unprotected sex. Good wishes and I hope this helps.

Can you get pregnant a day after your ovulation day if you're fertile?

Babies begin then. Yes. Babies begin at around that time, the day of ovulation or the day after ovulation. An egg only needs 1 good sperm. A urine pregnancy test done correctly will give a reliable result 1 week after missing a regular period, or 3 weeks after sex (3 weeks after presumed conception).